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Are you “Transformation Ready”?

Can you say you’re 100% satisfied and happy with?:

  • the way you live your life
  • who you are in all areas of your life
  • your relationships
  • what you’re doing in your life right now
  • what you’ve achieved
  • what the future holds for you
  • how our world is designed and how it functions
  • the way individuals, groups, communities and the environment are valued around the world

Is the answer to some or to all of these questions, ‘No’? Then perhaps you feel:

  • there is room for improvement in our lives
  • there is much to explore about life and how we’ve been living it
  • it’s time to find a happier and more harmonious way of living together
  • we’re ready to transform the way that we currently live

We’re capable of creating a different kind of life. We’re capable of living together in a more fulfilling and loving way. It’s time to turn capable into a reality.

I believe there is another way of living – another model for living – that can allow us to cultivate better, balanced and authentic lives for ourselves and in turn for all of us here on Earth.

At you will receive access to fresh and innovative ideas, principles and tools to help you start transforming the way you live and transforming the world in which we live. The tools and skills you learn here will continue to support you to grow and evolve, and to expertly navigate your way through life.

You will discover a:

  • Comprehensive and proven programme for personal growth and transformation
  • Range of tools and support to create your best life
  • New framework for living
  • Community of people choosing to live in a different kind of world

We’re different

Are you tired of products and services selling “secret formulas” to get the greatest job or the greatest relationship; for making a tonne of money or becoming a wise guru? Had enough of unrealistic promises that don’t deliver? Well, I want to tell you upfront that we offer none of that here. At you’ll find a range of components designed to help you construct a new way of living:

  • Information, tools and skills to reconnect you to the greatness that already lies within you.
  • Programmes that will help you transform your life and become an agent of change in the world around you.
  • A path to achievable, sustainable and satisfying change for now and for the future.

I invite you to take the next critical step in your personal evolution. I look forward to working and connecting with you here.

Jane Chessell

Let’s go, I’m ready to make a change! Where do I start?

Explore Resources

Discover, read, experiment and interact at the Resources page and be inspired and guided in your personal transformation work.

Get Coaching

1:1 coaching programs with Jane Chessell for people who are ready for big changes in thier life and want to fast track their personal transformation.

Put Into Practice

Integrate the insights and techniques here into your life and share your experiences to contribute to the growth of our nurturing community at

Share It & Live It

When you start living your life differently, you act as an encouraging example to show them the benefits of getting involved in their own transformation work.


Jane has a way of looking at the world that is completely refreshing. She has helped me to change the way I look at my own life and at situations that arise, and helped me start living in a much happier way. Sometimes working with Jane feels like I’m just having a chat with a close friend, but then I walk away from the coaching call and I’m different – I literally think, feel and act differently. Working with Jane has changed me in ways I don’t fully understand yet and it has been profound.


I have just completed a 3 month coaching programme with Jane and I will definitely sign up again! Jane is friendly and professional and has the skills and knowledge to show you how to live a better life. I’ve shed tears and baggage during our sessions but I’ve also had some great laughs as we’ve explored a different way of living in the world. Best of all I’ve been inspired to rediscover the magic in my life and deepen my sense of connection to the people around me.


Ready to fast track your personal growth and development?