Tailored and highly effective 1:1 Coaching Consultations.
Jane Chessell will guide and support you to authentically transform yourself, your life and in turn, the world around you. 

You’re ready for Coaching at JaneChessell.com when…

  • Your old way of living life is not particularly satisfying or successful
  • You feel ready to make changes and to live differently
  • You know you can be, do and have “better” than what you’re currently experiencing
  • You want to make a positive impact in the world

I'm ready to make big changes!

People come to Coaching at JaneChessell.com with the aim of significantly changing their lives in some way.

To be:

  • Happy & healthy
  • Confident & self-fulfilled
  • The best that you can be in all areas of life
  • Passionate & motivated
  • An effective agent of change in the world

To do:

  • Accelerate your inner and outer development
  • Live your life in a new way
  • Contribute to a better world
  • Make your purpose your priority and your life’s work
  • Clear barriers that may be blocking your growth
  • Change your thoughts, beliefs, actions, reactions & make a real impact on the world

To have:

  • A fulfilling life
  • Good relationships
  • A sense of purpose
  • All the resources & tools to build a great life
  • A positive impact on the lives of others

Which ever way you come to coaching, when you make the commitment to 1:1 Coaching Consultations with Jane Chessell you’re making a commitment to fast-track your own growth and development, and a commitment to create a better life and a better world.

Coaching requires your active participation. People who are committed to their path of personal transformation and who are ready to grow and develop are perfect coaching candidates.

Coaching Options & Fees

Initial Coaching Consultation:   AUD $150 + includes free session **

Standard Coaching Consultation:    AUD $150 per session

Check-In Consultation:    AUD $75 per session ^

3 Month Coaching Programme:    AUD $1050

6 x standard coaching consultations – twice monthly for 3 months (Valued at $900)
• Additional 2 x check-in consultations (Valued at $150)
• Personal email support between consultations (Valued at $300)
Total Value = $1350           SAVE $300

6 Month Coaching Programme:    AUD $2250

12 x standard coaching consultations – twice monthly for 6 months (Valued at $1800)
• Additional 5 x check-in consultations (Valued at $375)
• Personal email support between consultations (Valued at $600)
• Progress Report: At the end of the Programme receive a progress report summarising your personal advancement over the 6 month period and highlighting areas where further focus / growth / work could be undertaken (Valued at $300)
Total Value = $3075           SAVE $825

** Coaching Integration Session Included.

When you purchase an Initial coaching consultation you will receive a free Coaching Integration Session. This is a great 2 for 1 deal – a double consultation for the price of one. Booked back to back with your Initial consultation, the free Coaching Integration Session will specifically:

  • Address questions and consolidate learnings from your initial coaching consultation
  • Work on your transformation goals
  • Give you processes and tools to boost your transformation

This is a fantastic way for you to get the most out of your first coaching consultation with Jane Chessell.

* This offer is only available to new clients and must be redeemed at the time of the Initial consultation.

^ Check-In Consultations are via phone or Skype.


  • Coaching Consultations are generally available in person in Sydney and via phone and Skype. Jane Chessell reserves the right to change the format and mode of delivery of coaching consultations.
  • Payment for all Consultations and Programmes is required 48 hours prior to a scheduled session. 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling appointments otherwise your payment / the session may be forfeited.

Yes, I'm ready to get started.

I am fully committed to fast-tracking my personal growth and development and to creating a better life and a better world.