The programme was an extremely empowering experience. The sessions with Jane helped me to set goals and realise my potential happiness. I feel calmer in myself and able to tackle issues better than before. I now have a more positive outlook on life and possibilities for the future. Before the Programme I found daily life stressful and hopeless. The sessions with Jane were empowering, I feel now that I have the power to change the way I live and feel. I would thoroughly recommend working with Jane.


I was thoroughly impressed with the sessions with Jane. I found it a very powerful experience and felt more grounded as a result. Emotionally I became more relaxed and able to cope. I also felt centred and able to see the way forward. I have far more energy and motivation now. I have been able to get organised and am far more active on a day to day basis. Jane is extremely professional. A wonderful experience!


The Programme has helped me to listen to my body and has changed my life. The stress of everyday life overwhelmed me and we can lose our focus in who we are. The Programme has given me more confidence and self-esteem and helped me regain my self-respect. Jane was very effective at asking questions to draw me out and help me to refocus, and the homework exercises were great, helpful techniques that I will continue to use.


I have had quite a few sessions with Jane and each time I have undergone deep transformational experiences that have been very profound in releasing patterns, beliefs etc that were a part of me but proving difficult to release. Thank you, Jane for holding such a special space.


I really feel my sessions with you have been amazing. I have experienced many benefits including better health, personal and spiritual growth and releasing of old, negative patterns that no longer serve me. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to move forward in their life. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you have done with me!!


I loved Jane’s willingness to listen and I loved her passion for wanting to help me. Her knowledge and insights on how to go to the core of the issue are amazing. Her approach is unique and she has a heart to be with you until you have results. I would recommend Jane to anyone who is serious to move forward in their life being it a personal or professional challenge.


I have just completed a 3 month coaching programme with Jane and I will definitely sign up again! Jane is friendly and professional and has the skills and knowledge to show you how to live a better life. I’ve shed tears and baggage during our sessions but I’ve also had some great laughs as we’ve explored a different way of living in the world. Best of all I’ve been inspired to rediscover the magic in my life and deepen my sense of connection to the people around me.


Jane has a way of looking at the world that is completely refreshing. She has helped me to change the way I look at my own life and at situations that arise, and helped me start living in a much happier way. Sometimes working with Jane feels like I’m just having a chat with a close friend, but then I walk away from the coaching call and I’m different – I literally think, feel and act differently. Working with Jane has changed me in ways I don’t fully understand yet and it has been profound.